wdremix (wdremix) wrote in logodesign,

Some Thoughts About Logo Creative Brief

The logo creative brief is a suite of questions that the web designer asks the customer. The questions asked pertain to the background of the company or brand. The logo creative brief also seeks to answer questions related to the customers’s design preferences. It targets to establish a persona for the brand, on the basis of which, the logo can then be designed.

Getting the best creative logos right is about 80% of the work done. It sets the tone for the tangibles : the shapes, the typeface, the colors, which come together to create the creative logo.

The time you spend filling in a detailed logo creative brief, now, will save thousand times that amount and a lot more money later. If you can’t articulate it about your creative logo, how you expect a designer to create it?

Although history shows that almost all eventually change their logos; and probably not because they were bad briefs.
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